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Hetalia Wallpaper by linktothelegend Hetalia Wallpaper :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 2 0
Mature content
Dead Zones Ch 2 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 1 0
Dead Zones Ch 1
The Mysterious Father
The year was 2015, and the countries of the world were behaving like they had been for a while.
America became a major power again, having lost strength a few years previous. That didn't last,though. On December 1st, a large meteor struck Earth - life was able to bounce back but weird things happened. The meteor crashed somewhere in Canada, which was suffering badly, along with its neighbor, America. Electricity was cut off from both countries for several months, clean water and food scarce. The American government was able to get everything back in order but Canada was left with a large scar… and several years later, children with strange abilities started being born, only around the large crater. Studies proved that the radiation from the meteor was causing effects on newborn brains, causing them to have over-activity in certain areas, believed to give them special powers.
Some children could levitate objects, others could summon fire, some could read min
:iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 0 10
Halloween Wallpaper 2 by linktothelegend Halloween Wallpaper 2 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 6 6
Mature content
The Ruined World Ch4 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 2 3
Halloween Wallpaper by linktothelegend Halloween Wallpaper :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 34 6
The Ruined World Ch3
The Storm and Rain
Three years had passed since Tsuna achieved Hyper Dying Will Mode, and he hadn't had a day off. News had reached Byakuran that Dino had the Vongola Rings and the owner of the Sky Ring had been found. Now Tsuna and everyone were constantly attacked and were now hunted more furiously. Tsuna's job had become harder, not only did he have to fight the Millifiore Family, but he had to find the owners of the other rings. Gokudera tried his best, but that's the key word - "try". He was far too overprotective and became angry when other people Tsuna's age tried talking to him and would snap at the other people. Reborn was getting mad. How was Tsuna supposed to find his guardians if Gokudera kept scaring people off?
Now fifteen, Tsuna and Gokudera were finding it hard for people to find any interest in their mission. Others thought they were too young to try and "save the world" and would often shoo them away. Tsuna and Gokudera would come back to their hideouts in defeat and
:iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 3 6
Mature content
The Ruined World Ch2 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 3 4
Hibari Wallpaper by linktothelegend Hibari Wallpaper :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 18 10
The Ruined World Ch1
The Beginning
*10 Years Ago*
The Vongola Family was one of the most powerful and influential mafia families in the world. It had numbers, it had power, it had everything. Because of this people hated them. Their biggest unknown threat was that of a man named Byakuran.
Byakuran was the young head of the Gesso Family, which was gaining power at this time. Unfortunately for the world Byakuran found out the worlds biggest secret the Tri-Ne-Set.  Gather the Mare Rings, Vongola Rings and the Pacifiers of the Arcobaleno and one can have total control of the world, even remake it if they wanted to. Byakuran already had the Sky Mare Ring, what he needed were the rest of them. Using the connections of his family he found out about the Giglio Nero family. This family had the remaining Mare Rings and it's leader had the Sky Pacifier. Knowing he needed the living Sky member of the Tri-Ne-Set, he set off for their hide out. The Giglio Nero was dwindling so Byakuran had no trouble over taki
:iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 3 4
New Desktop Wallpaper by linktothelegend New Desktop Wallpaper :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 13 0
Tsubasa Reborn ch3
The Visitors
For a while they just stared at each other. Tsuna holding Lambo, his crying finally quieting, and the four strangers. Something clicked in Tsuna's head; these people, whoever they are, are not from this world. How Tsuna knew this he did not know, but it was probably his Hyper Intuition.
"Um...who are you?" Tsuna asked nervously, he could tell that the tall guy in black wasn't happy with something.
"Oh, sorry." Said the youngest boy amongst them. He took a small step forward then a voice rang through the air making everyone jump.
Gokudera came running down the street at top speed with Ryohei and Yamamoto bringing up the rear. Gokudera came skidding to a halt next to Tsuna and stood with an imposing stance looking at the four strangers.
"What the hell do you want." He said threateningly at them as Yamamoto and Ryohei came to a stop by them.
"We just want to ask you something." Syaoran said, "we just wanted to know who that guy was?"
"What guy?" Yamamoto asked. Out o
:iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 1 6
Tsubasa Reborn ch2
The Missing Piece of the Sky
The end of the school day had finally come, Tsuna stretched his arms over his head and yawned. Gokudera and Yamamoto packed up their stuff and walked over to him as Tsuna slowly packed away his things.
"I've got baseball practice so I'll see you later O.K?" Yamamoto said smiling.
"Sure," Tsuna says nodding. "Got a game coming up? You're practicing a lot lately."
"Yup, careful walking home." Yamamoto said before turning away and leaving the classroom.
"Tenth I have to go pick up somethings from the store." Gokudera said very sadly. "Please be safe on your way home!" He finished with a deep bow.
"Now, now Gokudera-kun." Tsuna said nervously. "I don't live too far from here."
Gokudera and Tsuna left the grounds together and say goodbye at a crossroad. Tsuna continued by himself, after a short while Tsuna noticed a group of big kids from his school. He recognized them as a small gain of bullies from the year above him. He tried to turn away but they spotted him
:iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 0 2
Mature content
Tsubasa Reborn ch1 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 0 2
Mature content
Hitman Reborn ch 4 :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 10 12
Chrome Desktop Wallpaper by linktothelegend Chrome Desktop Wallpaper :iconlinktothelegend:linktothelegend 2 0

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Our Goddess Hylia by bvdconcept Our Goddess Hylia :iconbvdconcept:bvdconcept 1,013 42 Zelda by Alderion-Al Zelda :iconalderion-al:Alderion-Al 2,696 100 The legend of Zelda: Minish Cap by Enigmasystem The legend of Zelda: Minish Cap :iconenigmasystem:Enigmasystem 2,362 206 Vocaloid by QueenLydia Vocaloid :iconqueenlydia:QueenLydia 15 8 Finn and Flame Princess by QueenLydia Finn and Flame Princess :iconqueenlydia:QueenLydia 16 2 Twilight princess by muse-kr Twilight princess :iconmuse-kr:muse-kr 2,107 131 Torchering Melvin by indecisivepancake Torchering Melvin :iconindecisivepancake:indecisivepancake 2,161 434 fun in Yugi's mind by indecisivepancake fun in Yugi's mind :iconindecisivepancake:indecisivepancake 4,173 1,228 The Next Logical Step in the YuGiOh Franchise by sherbertKISSES The Next Logical Step in the YuGiOh Franchise :iconsherbertkisses:sherbertKISSES 1,014 235 Juvia by QueenLydia Juvia :iconqueenlydia:QueenLydia 9 0 GRAB MY D-WHEEL by slifertheskydragon GRAB MY D-WHEEL :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 1,178 262 Yu-gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Album Art by SupaCrikeyDave Yu-gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Album Art :iconsupacrikeydave:SupaCrikeyDave 1,538 163 Guilmon digivolve to... by slifertheskydragon Guilmon digivolve to... :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 906 134 and so the day is saved... by slifertheskydragon and so the day is saved... :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 3,419 856 Alice The Blood Stained Black Rabbit by QueenLydia Alice The Blood Stained Black Rabbit :iconqueenlydia:QueenLydia 9 0 Tsubasa RC - Jade Country by vaxzone Tsubasa RC - Jade Country :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 350 27
So It's been a while since I wrote a journal, not much has changed except that I haven't written any stories lately. I don't have any real desire to write anyway. I am just focusing on my school work and having fun whenever I can.

random rice ball saying for the journal: "my grandpa's dying words were don't ride in foreign cars and don't ride flying cthulhu elephants."
  • Listening to: Anime Songs
  • Reading: Lots of manga
  • Watching: amvs
  • Playing: ZELDA!!!! Pokemon and Borderlands
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: vanilla shakes


Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a huge lover of anime and video games, my favorite video games are from the Legend of Zelda series, Skyrim, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts. I like a small variety in the grand list of anime. Compared to my friends though i have a huge list. my favorites animes are a variety too, from the fantasy of Slayers to the sifi genius of Gundam Wing to the old school Ronin Warriors and the bad assness of DBZ. my collection of anime and manga is a rainbow of genres!

Current Residence: AMERICA F*CK YEAH!!!!!!

Status: Student of Graphic Design and Art

Favorite Movie: How to Train Your Dragon.

Favorite genre of music: ROCK!!!!!!! TECHNO!!!!!

Favorite style of art: expressive, anime

Computer: I'm a Mac person.

MP3 player of choice: sony

Wallpaper of choice: ANIME!!!!! Legend of Zelda, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Pokemon...the list goes on.

Favorite cartoon character: can't pick, too many goodies.

Personal Quote: Brave women fear nothing. Brave men fear WOMEN!• I'll start by putting mash potatoes in my shoes.


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